Accelerate and improve business opportunities with business intelligence dashboards


Implement modern BI to strategize your business plan

Business intelligence is the core of the success of data-intensive businesses. And they require an insightful and intuitive dashboard with visuals for an improved decision-making process. So, our BI consultants & architects help you build interactive reports with business-critical data. Our BIdashboardIndia helps to generate analytics even from hidden data insights. We offer solutions to enrich your reports with interactive visuals. 

Our service offerings include BI implementation, data analytics, customization, and consulting services. We extract, manage, and analyze data for organizations to help you make business-critical decisions. Moreover, these insightful decisions help you create a strong business value among competitors. And we offer you:

  • Enhance data visualization  
  • Analyze insights 
  • Discover data patterns  
  • Extensive support  
  • Interactive reporting solutions  
Business Growth

Boost your business growth with a robust data plan

Business data is a critical and crucial form of data. So, this type of unique data has to be extracted from various sources and preserved in one place. Our data analysts understand the variety of data and how to operate on it. We offer solutions that are data-driven and future-ready to sustain in technological shifts. And our reputed clients praise us for our credibility, transparency, and scalability. 


Data analysts at BIdashboardIndia follow an agile approach to complete any project. Along with data visualization, prediction analysis, and implementation, we also offer consulting services. Plus, our services offer extensive support and maintenance in the ongoing and after deployment. 


 Our business professionals integrate smart technologies into your solutions. And it helps in an in-depth analysis of user demands and other hidden insights. We showcase our years of experience and skills to your solutions to deliver the best to fit your business needs. 


About Company

Our Vision & Mission


We aim to help businesses to explore their hidden insights into interactive visuals. As it will help to create a robust business roadmap. Our vision is to meet the distinct needs of businesses across the verticals. And our experts are focussed to deliver data-driven solutions to support business requirements. We showcase transparency and accountability in every project. Along with data analysts, we offer exceptional consulting services to various businesses. We deliver solutions and services as per our planned vision for business growth.


Our mission is to serve businesses across the verticals with consistent and excellent solutions. We serve businesses with an agile approach and user-centric values. And our clients make us their first choice for the quality service we deliver. BIdashboardIndia is a reputed and trusted company with decades of experience. And our experts offer visualized reports with hidden insights to reflect useful data analytics. Furthermore, we build a strategy to grow your businesses successfully. 

Benefits Our Services Offer Your Business

  • Scalable skills 

    Scale up your skills as your business grows. We have expertise in the latest technologies and data analytics.  

  • Quality assurance 

    Our experts ensure zero delays in checks, tests, and regular maintenance to avoid any last-minute hassles.  

  • Agile development   

    Our data experts offer the flexibility of time and resources with your crucial projects.    

  • Transparent communication   

    You will get a seamless and transparent communication channel throughout the process.   

  •  Certified developers 

    We have the best expert team with qualifications and certifications to assist you in your project. 

  • User-centric approach  

    We focus on the user-centric approach to deliver seamless and successful business outcomes.  

What Our Client Says

- Smriti Singh   .

BIDashboardsIndia offers expert data analysts with vast expertise and skills. So, they offer insightful data analytics strategies to help you monitor and analyze business processes. These data experts share a vast knowledge of market and business trends. And they understood our unique needs and implemented expertise to present robust solutions. With skills in various analytical tools, they helped to build winning business dashboards. 

- Kriti Sahni  

Our demand was a successful strategy and insightful dashboard for our business. We asked for detailed depth insights into our business processes and wanted a competitive dashboard for our business processes. And when collaborated with BIdashboardIndia we found a trustworthy and reputable partner. We value the analysts, developers, and testers' professionalism and dedication to their skills.  

– Aditya Singla  

BIdashboardIndia showcases successful data experts and that too with skills like transparency, flexibility, and accountability. The professionals are skilled and experts in every project they worked with. They helped with insightful data and analysis to create a successful strategy. Moreover, they understood our needs and helped with customized solutions.  

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    What are the primary advantages of dashboards?

    • Visibility is provided at a glance. 
    • It saves time and money. 
    • Enhances decision-making. 
    • Simple checks and balances on performance. 
    • Current progress evaluation. 


    How dashboards improve performance?

    A performance dashboard is a tool for measuring performance and providing feedback for continuous improvement within your organization.  

    What is the goal of the dashboard?

    The ultimate goal of a dashboard is to present data in a clear and approachable manner that assists users in making decisions. An effective dashboard is one that users can access, read, and use. 

    What exactly are dashboard elements?

    A dashboard is made up of elements such as data visualizations, text files, and buttons.  

    What are the various kinds of dashboard reports?

    Operational dashboards show you what is going on right now. Key performance indicators are tracked by strategic dashboards. Data is processed by analytical dashboards to identify trends.