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    Transform your eCommerce operations to offer efficient services

    The traditional way of eCommerce marketing is taken over by digital advancements. Even the users find it helpful and comforting to shop from anywhere. However, it may burden the eCommerce business owners to handle this data. Disparate data sources create obstacles in reporting. But our BI experts at BIdashboardsIndia offer streamlined dashboarding solutions to align your multichannel eCommerce data.  

    Our experts leverage BI, AI, ML, data science, and deep learning to implement technology-oriented solutions. Also, these solutions offer valuable insights into your business goals. Plus, it also handles orders, sales, user support, and loyalty programs for more customer trust. 

    We help you build BI-centered analytics to streamline your eCommerce business solution. Moreover, our professionals assist you to forecast trends to stay current with the demands. Our clients believe in us for our professionalism, accountability, and efficiency. We firmly believe to deliver the best-in-class solution to every professional client.  


    Explore our custom eCommerce service offerings

    eCommerce operation management

    eCommerce businesses deal with multiple operations daily. And we built a unified solution to manage products and users. Our experts leverage BI to understand in-depth insights and customer feedback to forecast future trends.

    Billing & payments management

    Customize payment solution that suits your user needs. We built a scalable payment solution with streamlined payment gateways. And our experts enable accurate invoicing for your business with any product or service purchase.

    B2C marketplace integration

    We help you to implement multi-lingual & multi-currency collaboration in your solutions. Our eCommerce web development is equipped with our expert offerings to manage your B2B marketplace. And it helps you with the efficient usage of solutions.

    Order management solutions

    Order demands are a crucial feature of any eCommerce business. We automate order management with omnichannel fulfillment, inventory management, and forecast analytics. And our BI experts use the dashboards to represent the data accurately.

    Customer loyalty solutions

    Our smart solutions help to identify user patterns for your eCommerce website. We built a user-friendly solution that offers loyalty analytics, and membership programs to the repetitive customers. And offer personalized messages to offer them the latest information.

    Advanced business analytics solutions

    We help you with the in-depth data analytics solution to meet your business needs. Because we integrate BI tools to track shopping behaviors, user patterns, social demands, etc. Our experts implement BI to deliver smart solutions.

    How our eCommerce services support your business

    Seamless User Experience

    Updated and efficient data in dashboards for engaging user interaction and engagement.

    Latest Tools

    Professionals are skilled with modern technologies to deliver solutions according to the modern workflow.

    Supply Chain Management

    We implement our years of expertise to understand and analyze the best ways to manage your supply chain.

    Mobile Apps

    To increase user-friendliness to your solutions mobile and web app development is the new trend.

    Quality Services

    Acquire the best-in-class business services to accommodate your logistics solution.

    Security Compliance

    Securely built the data analytics with all the IT compliances to present the solution.


    Partner with the leading eCommerce services provider

    • Transparent Process

      Reliability remains at the core of our services to show transparency at all levels between your business and our team.

    • User-focused Expertise

      BI consultants exhibit their years of expertise in every profession with diligence and credibility to offer user satisfaction.

    • Domain Expertise

      Experts showcase their expertise in every professional project for clients across the verticals.

    • Extensive Support

      Our team of experts offers support services such as consulting, ad-hoc support, and post-maintenance.

    • Resource Allocation

      We implement smart BI solutions to manage your resource allocation and consumption at various levels.

    • Flexible Reporting

      Reports help businesses with informed decision analytics and reports to keep up with the market trends.

    • ECommerce Management

      From development to customer interaction, we streamline each stage of your eCommerce business solution.


    What Our Clients Say

    – Smriti Singh CEO Company A

    · BIDashboardsIndia offers expert data analysts with vast expertise and skills. So, they offer insightful data analytics strategies to help you monitor and analyze business processes. These data experts share a vast knowledge of market and business trends. And they understood our unique needs and implemented expertise to present robust solutions. With skills in various analytical tools, they helped to build winning business dashboards.

    – Kriti Sahni CEO Company A

    · Our demand was a successful strategy and insightful BI dashboards for our business. We asked for detailed depth insights into our business processes and wanted a competitive dashboard for our business processes. And when collaborated with BIdashboardIndia we found a trustworthy and reputable partner. We value the analysts, developers, and testers' professionalism and dedication to their skills.

    – Aditya Singla CEO Company A

    · BIdashboardIndia showcases successful data experts and that too with skills like transparency, flexibility, and accountability. The professionals are skilled and experts in every project they worked with. They helped with insightful data and analysis to create a successful strategy. Moreover, they understood our needs and helped with customized solutions.


      Explore Our Portfolio

      Our BI consulting services offer the best in class solutions to businesses across the verticals.  

      Dashboard application to simplify retail business operations

       Our technological collaboration resulted in a full-fledged dashboarding system that has scaled and assisted with real-time market information. It enabled organizations to concentrate on their principal objectives while keeping an eye on secondary activities. Our data analysts collaborated with our client’s specifications. We held planning sessions to produce and discuss novel ideas, and knowledge sharing.  

      Business analytics for finance firm for insights-driven decision making

      We create unique dashboards to display all relevant data in the marketing, operational, sales performance, finance, human resource, executive, and project management areas. We understand business dashboards are critical enterprise tools for visualizing insights. It is a centralized location that serves as a corporate intelligence tool, gathering all operational data and providing the necessary information.   

      Idea Valuation

      Digitization of After-Sales Service for a Top Home Appliances Brand

      Our reputed world’s recognized electronics manufacturers wanted a digital platform. So, it helps to increase user interaction and business success. Our data science consulting services helped to extend support and increase after-sales service and extended warranty support. Now, the feature-rich platform is equipped with promising technology to streamline purchases, offerings, and assistance.  Along with this, we leverage AI, deep learning, data mining, machine learning, and more potential technologies to your solutions.  

      Learning management system for talent management

      Creating a solid learning management system (LMS) to provide a simple process for trainers and learners, as well as automated skill development.  

      Learning management systems hastened the evolution of learning in the digital era. It is a highly responsive and widely used model of digital learning, training, and skill development. We have created a device-friendly, interactive, and fully-equipped learning management system for businesses of all sizes.

      Our Reputed Clients


      What types of items can the BI dashboard track?

      IT dashboards assist them in tracking metrics on various aspects of IT operations, such as network, system, database, and application usage; available IT resources; performance issues; security concerns; and technology costs. 

      What do you need to know about BI dashboards for business intelligence?

      Business intelligence dashboards are data visualization and information management solutions that are used to analyze your data. 

      What is the benefit of designing a custom dashboard for a client?

      Dashboards make it simple to visualize actionable, impactful insights into your process.