Customized Healthcare Dashboard Services

Acquire modern and personalized healthcare businesses

    Customize healthcare and patient care into insightful dashboards

    Healthcare firms deal with large volumes daily. And they cannot keep files and folders updated and stored. So, they need engaging and patient-centered healthcare solutions. We understand that dynamic healthcare systems consist of patients, medical experts, expenses, and access operations. And our experts help to build an efficient roadmap to create engaging and quality dashboards. Our professionals understand your requirement and implement them to present intuitive healthcare solutions. 

    We believe patients are the center to any healthcare system. And building solutions for their accessibility is important to deliver the best healthcare BI system. Whether it’s a clinic, patients, practitioners, or medical experts, our solutions are centered around all these aspects. 

    Our experts leverage smart technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and other promising integrations. Because it helps to deliver patient-centered solutions for improved personalization in your solutions. Our healthcare-based clients praise us for the perfection and efficiency of our solutions. 


    Empower your health and patient care with our offerings

    Customized BI healthcare solutions

    Customize healthcare solutions with the latest data reporting and analytics tools. We extract disparate data from different sources to consolidate them into a unified visualized format. Our experts present data to improve decision-making in healthcare processes.

    Clinical & health management services

    Efficiently deliver high-quality patient care to clinics and hospitals. We customize healthcare solutions that involve strategic planning and analyzing processes. Our experts ensure your solution complies with healthcare standards and patient oriented.

    MHealth software development solutions.

    Healthcare apps are on the rise with user demands. We implement these efficient practices for developing intelligent and data-driven solutions. Our experts serve the industry experts and users by delivering manageable and quality-specific solutions.

    EMR & EHR development services

    Healthcare smart systems improve patient care, and staff productivity, and eliminate errors. We also consider adding historical data to analyze the increasing demands. Our experts understand our needs for an efficient healthcare solution to deliver.

    Telemedicine software development solutions

    Instant connection with medical experts offers great support. And we focus to offer instant chat or call collaboration solutions. Our BI experts customize solutions for doctors and users that streamline workflows with reduced costs.

    Smart healthcare analytics development

    We use historical data and other statistics to improve efficiency in healthcare processes. Our experts analyze healthcare data to deliver insights to make informed decisions. As it helps to focus on the improvement of the healthcare services.

    Why Choose Our Healthcare Service Offerings

    Enhanced Accessibility

    Create dashboards that are accessible and usable from different devices for a better user experience.

    Certified Developers

    Professionals are skilled with modern technologies to deliver solutions according to the modern workflow.

    Flexible Development

    We offer a streamlined and easy development process to deliver excellence in a short period.

    Reduced Errors

    Your solution from development to deployment is scrutinized for its quality and accuracy.

    Data Security

    Support for ongoing governance at the IT and business user levels, and auditing to ensure security and governance.

    User-centered Approach

    Our expert developers offer solutions keeping your business and its users as the focal point.


    Get personalized patient-centered solutions from a trusted partner

    • Automated Data

      Dashboard data are updated with the latest data reports and maintained with accurate analytics.

    • Client-focused Expertise

      BI consultants exhibit their years of expertise in every profession with diligence and credibility.

    • Quality Approach

      Make informed decisions with the latest updates and that too within your budget and deadline.

    • Value-driven Solutions

      Our professionals conform to international standard practices to deliver value-added solutions.

    • Flexible Reporting

      Reports help the clinics with informed decision analytics and reports to the medical experts.

    • Extensive Support

      Our team of experts offers support services such as consulting, ad-hoc support, and post-maintenance.


    What Our Clients Say

    – Smriti Singh CEO Company A

    · BIDashboardsIndia offers expert data analysts with vast expertise and skills. So, they offer insightful data analytics strategies to help you monitor and analyze business processes. These data experts share a vast knowledge of market and business trends. And they understood our unique needs and implemented expertise to present robust solutions. With skills in various analytical tools, they helped to build winning business dashboards.

    – Kriti Sahni CEO Company A

    · Our demand was a successful strategy and insightful BI dashboards for our business. We asked for detailed depth insights into our business processes and wanted a competitive dashboard for our business processes. And when collaborated with BIdashboardIndia we found a trustworthy and reputable partner. We value the analysts, developers, and testers' professionalism and dedication to their skills.

    – Aditya Singla CEO Company A

    · BIdashboardIndia showcases successful data experts and that too with skills like transparency, flexibility, and accountability. The professionals are skilled and experts in every project they worked with. They helped with insightful data and analysis to create a successful strategy. Moreover, they understood our needs and helped with customized solutions.


      Explore Our Portfolio

      Our BI consulting services offer the best in class solutions to businesses across the verticals 

      Dashboard application to simplify retail business operations

       Our technological collaboration resulted in a full-fledged dashboarding system that has scaled and assisted with real-time market information. It enabled organizations to concentrate on their principal objectives while keeping an eye on secondary activities. Our data analysts collaborated with our client’s specifications. We held planning sessions to produce and discuss novel ideas, and knowledge sharing.  

      Business Analytics for retails

      Business analytics for finance firm for insights-driven decision making

      We create unique dashboards to display all relevant data in the marketing, operational, sales performance, finance, human resource, executive, and project management areas. We understand business dashboards are critical enterprise tools for visualizing insights. It is a centralized location that serves as a corporate intelligence tool, gathering all operational data and providing the necessary information.   

      Idea Valuation

      Digitization of After-Sales Service for a Top Home Appliances Brand

      Our reputed world’s recognized electronics manufacturers wanted a digital platform. So, it helps to increase user interaction and business success. Our data science consulting services helped to extend support and increase after-sales service and extended warranty support. Now, the feature-rich platform is equipped with promising technology to streamline purchases, offerings, and assistance.  

      Along with this, we leverage AI, deep learning, data mining, machine learning, and more potential technologies to your solutions.  

      Learning management system for talent management

      Creating a solid learning management system (LMS) to provide a simple process for trainers and learners, as well as automated skill development.  

      Learning management systems hastened the evolution of learning in the digital era. It is a highly responsive and widely used model of digital learning, training, and skill development. We have created a device-friendly, interactive, and fully-equipped learning management system for businesses of all sizes.

      Our Reputed Clients


      What types of items can the BI dashboard track?

      IT dashboards assist them in tracking metrics on various aspects of IT operations, such as network, system, database, and application usage; available IT resources; performance issues; security concerns; and technology costs. 

      Which reports can be displayed in the dashboard?

      Dashboard reports are classified into three types: operational, strategic, and analytical. Each of these assists various people in the business in making decisions. 

      What data source is employed in the dashboard?

      Many data-driven elements, such as maps, charts, lists, and gauges, can be found on dashboards. These elements are powered by data from web map layers, web layers stored in your organization, or feature sets generated with data expressions.